Sport costume WOW #Panda

WOW exclusive
Pair costumes. Limited edition. Specially by WOW.
Main: 95% cotton
5% lycra
Size Guide:

Chest up to 110 cm
Hoodie length up to 64 cm
Hips up to 110 cm
Length trousers 100 cm

Chest up to 116 cm
Hoodie length up to 65 cm
Hips up to 110 cm
Length trousers 101 cm

Chest up to 120 cm
Hoodie length up to 67 cm
Hips up to 112 cm
Length trousers 102 cm

Chest up to 124 cm
Hoodie length up to 69 cm
Hips up to 122 cm
Length trousers 103 cm

🇷🇺 🇱🇻 🇬🇧 If you are not sure about your size, please contact us!

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